Forums Are Up!

ladyluck_cutoutThe community forums are now up at (you can also reach it by using the navigation bar above). This will be the main way we hang out with the community and gather feedback to make improvements to the game. Hope to see you there!

If you like the game, you can help build the community by linking to our site, Twitter account, and/or Facebook page. As a small indie team, word-of-mouth is our best method for people to discover the game.… [Continue reading]

Music Wizard: Chris Kukla

chris kukla portrait

Throughout development, many composers have reached out to us to help with our music needs. One such person is Chris Kukla, who has experience creating music and sound effects for a variety of projects, including video games and film. The team was impressed with his portfolio, and we’re proud to announce we will be collaborating with him to create our game’s theme and trailer music. There’s also potential for him to create our whole album.

Chris has already started working on a few drafts for us, and what we’ve heard so far has been fantastic. We’re excited to share the final tracks and game trailer in the coming weeks.

Learn more about Chris and his music at his website:[Continue reading]

Local Unity3D Group Presentation

Recently we did our first ever presentation of Spiff Spacely Saves The Universe at a local Unity3D group, Baltimore Unites!   It was a fantastic opportunity to share our progress and experiences working with Unity3D, and help find new pre-alpha testers and a 3D artist.

Josh created and presented a series of slides, along with showing a demo of the game’s current state. It was great to hear that we’re on the right track, and that a few members were eager to help test. We were also provided other opportunities to present the game at other locations. Much thanks to all who chatted with us!

The slides are available below, and once the hosts release the presentation audio, we will make it available as well.

Don’t forget that you can sign up to be a tester, and that we’re looking for a Unity3D artist.

Download: Baltimore Unites! Presentation (PDF)[Continue reading]

Balancing Equipment for Math-hating Game Designers


It’s difficult to get equipment to be ‘balanced’. Games with any sort of visible variables (like equipment and stat boosts) are hard to make because they involve numbers, and numbers have a way of catching up to you. If you just haphazardly throw numbers together and don’t have a plan you run into extreme balance issues or,  even worse, boring equipment upgrades.

Where did these numbers come from?!

Where did these numbers come from?!

As someone who hated math in college, I’m here to help you use some mathematical functions and to think about them in non-math ways. Think of them more as magic cheat sheets. I’ll be taking some liberties with my language to make this more accessible, so if you’re a math whiz please be gentle. I’ll stick to generic fantasy for a lot of these examples even though Spiff Spacely Saves The Universe is sci-fi, but keep in mind you could use it for increasing enemy difficulty, armor improvements, weapon damage, when to learn spells or abilities, or all sorts of things that could apply to multiple genres.… [Continue reading]

The Heart And Soul Of Pirates…Arrrr! (NPC AI)



What better way to start off my first post than to say…hello, world! I’m Nez, and am one of the programmers of this little walrus crew. In my first post, I’m going to talk a bit about how we’re doing artificial intelligence for our enemy NPCs in combat scenarios, and why we decided on this particular system in the first place.

The first thing you want to consider before even creating an AI system, or any system in general, is requirements. Through discussions with Evan, our game designer, I noted that he wanted a lot of “F” – flexibility – such as an enemy doing [a] when [b], but only if [c],[d],[e] occurred. He also wanted enemies to completely change their behavior due to some stimulus. What better way to achieve this (and keeping my sanity) than with a simple state machine.

A second thing you want to consider is who the main user will be.… [Continue reading]

Basic Story File XML Setup

Welcome to my first blog post. I thought I would dive right in to something technical and explain the inner workings of out XML story setup.

The story files are setup in a very simple hierarchy of Stories, Story, and Encounter. The top level tag is called Stories, which is just there to keep everything together. The Story tag encapsulates a story and has some basic information to start a story. The encounter tag encapsulates an encounter, this is the main piece of the puzzle which most of the data is stored.



This is a basically empty tag, nothing to really talk about, but it is necessary to make the XML parser work correctly.



This tag surrounds all of the stories encounters. There are several attributes that are necessary.

ID: This must be unique, it servers as an identifier for many tasks in the engine, this does not need to be readable in any real sense.… [Continue reading]

Welcome to our new website.


Well we’ve finally got our website up and running and it’s about time.

At current we have:

  • Some screenshots from our latest development build on the media page
  • A rough in for future downloads
  • A rather barren FAQ  page (have any questions we can add to it?)
  • A contact page for general inquires.

Things to do?  Well we would like to have a forum up and running to communicate with people who are interested in Spiff Spacely, as well as a place for alpha and beta testers to talk about the game with the dev team.

Speaking of testers, would you like to be one?  We’re taking tester applications on this page here.

Enjoy the site, and stay tuned for more news.


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